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 online school offering accredited program where students are motivated and parents are supported.

you don’t have to do this alone. We are ArchwayOnline.


ArchwayOnline (AO) offers MORE than just a curriculum. AO offers students’ academic success and parents’ homeschooling success whether a homeschooler at heart or a homeschooler in part, we are here to help! 


Students benefit from one-on-one engagement with teachers and mentors, while parents reap the benefit of our years of homeschooling experience resulting in a successful homeschool journey. 



If your student needs extra support, tutoring, encouragement, or accountability through an accredited* online school, ArchwayOnline is where you should be!


ArchwayOnline has been approved by the Ai Commission on Accreditation as a candidate for Ai accreditation which includes status with NCPSA. READ MORE


$150 annual registration fee

The ARCH is a symbol of strength, support, and passage…

three things we want to give to your student through our program.

Strength to press on and finish strong and the support to help you do it!

archwayonline – the passage to your future!

We created the Archway program as a portal through which a student needing extra support can work toward their goals. Whether those goals are to graduate through AO, return to public school, or to transition to a total homeschool program such as HomeLife Academy.

We are here to help make that happen. Thanks for choosing ArchwayOnline.


  • Focus Grades 6-12 and Adult Ed
  • Leading K12 Online Curriculum
  • Official Transcript & Diploma
  • Teacher Support for Students
  • Tutoring, Mentoring, Coaching
  • Counselor Support for Parent
  • Proven Success Model
  • Forms & Documents
  • Full Service Records & Admin Team
  • Additional ELL Support for English Language Learners
  • Additional ESS Support for Exceptional Students

Our curriculum

ArchwayOnline uses a leading online curriculum which provides engaging online and blended learning that propels student success and empowers teachers to deliver effective instruction.

Our team

The Archway Online Team is led by Angela McKee, School Administrator, and Lynn Knowlton, Director of Academics. Robert Evans, Account Manager, and Michelle Andres, Program Manager work together to handle the day to day operations for AO and support the parent(s). While our experienced, certified instructors and mentors work closely with students to achieve success.


Location: AO is a private, accredited online school located in Jackson, Tennessee serving students across the U.S.

Telephone: (855) 4-ARCHWAY 


Office Hours: M-F 9a-4p 

School Hours: Learn Anytime

*ArchwayOnline is accredited through Accreditation International and NCPSA. READ MORE


ArchwayOnline Mission & Vision

 Through a strong support system for you and your student, our mission is to INSPIRE students and EQUIP parents by building relationships, encouraging learning, and finding the motivation needed to accomplish their goals. Our vision for AO is to meet every student’s needs by looking at each student individually and providing support in all areas of the student’s life. By taking a holistic approach and working to help meet the needs of students academically, mentally, emotionally and physically, students can better focus on their studies, meaning, greater success

From Your Admin Team…


” Welcome to ArchwayOnline (AO). We are so excited that you are visiting our site. We are thrilled to offer an accredited online program that meets the needs of all students and provides support above and beyond that of a traditional online school or curriculum.  Becoming an AO Student begins your journey to success, academically and in life. Thank you for choosing ArchwayOnline. It is our privilege to serve you and your family.  “


~AO Team
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Thank you so much for peace of mind. We are so appreciative of your program and the Archway curriculum.

While I’m posting, I just want to thank you for the services you offer. 

Jennifer from TN

So EXCITED! Just enrolled and paid for the Archway program. Can’t wait to start! The Archway advisor that called me was awesome. So informative and encouraging. You never fail at being so personable!

MaryAnn from TN

I thank you for all the support you have given us as a family during the last two school years of our son. Surely, if at any time our child decides to return to Homeschool, Archway is definitely our choice.
Family from TN