One reason homeschooling and online learning have become an increasingly popular choice is that it offers a flexible educational option for students to pursue their academic goals. However, home education does not necessarily mean there is no structure at all. ArchwayOnline offers asynchronous online learning, with the support of a highly qualified staff, that allows students to access educational materials and complete assignments at their own pace & convenience as well as a support system to help you along the way.

ArchwayOnline’s model of learning is largely asynchronous. Depending on your family’s schedule, that may mean a student will complete their school work early morning, midday, at night, on the weekend, or so forth. AO students are given opportunities for real-time interaction with instructors through one-on-one tutoring, educational labs, and open office hours available to your student. Please note that teachers, tutors, counselors, success coaches, and school staff are limited to certain business hours. All school appointments will be conducted during school business hours.

At ArchwayOnline a student who wishes to maintain a full-time status is required to complete 5-6 high school credits per year in order to stay on track for high school graduation. K-8 students should complete 5 courses per year in order to stay on track for promotion to next grade level. High school students, along with their academic advisor, complete a graduation plan at time of enrollment and are advised how to stay on schedule with classes in order to meet your educational goal of graduation.

AO recommends completing all assignments on time in order to demonstrate class engagement. Students should not try to cram all of the time in at once. It should be spread throughout the week. The timing of the hours are up to both parent & student and what works best for the family’s situation. Students who work part time or even full time can still maintain full time student status.

Keep in mind that simply “attending class” isn’t enough whether you are in a traditional public school or an online school. There will be reading, studying, assignments, quizzes, tests, exams and other deadlines that need to be met. The key to success in our program is for the parent & student to work a regular schedule of when they will do their school work and stick to that schedule. This step has a huge impact on your student’s success. In general, good study habits now will set your student up for success in life. Whether your goal is to go to college, trade school, or directly enter the workforce, ArchwayOnline is here to assist you with meeting those goals and helping you achieve success.