ArchwayOnline has been approved by the Ai Commission on Accreditation as a candidate for Ai accreditation which includes status with NCPSA. All AO students will be granted dual enrollment with HomeLife Academy to meet compulsory attendance until accreditation verification can be submitted to the State of Tennessee to receive our official Category III non-public school status. Our application has already been accepted by the state, we are awaiting final approval. This should be of no concern considering all students have dual enrollment with HLA. 

Accreditation can determine whether or not a student’s work will be accepted as transfer credits or eligible for an accredited diploma.. It’s also the best indicator of a school’s academic credibility. ArchwayOnline is pending Category III status with the Tennessee Department of Education. All ArchwayOnline students will be dual enrolled with its sister school, HomeLife Academy, to meet compulsory attendance requirements until Category III status has been confirmed.

Fully Accredited

ArchwayOnline will be a fully accredited online private school providing curriculum for Grades 6-12 and Adult Students at an affordable price. All of our courses are fully online. ArchwayOnline is a candidate for accreditation with Accreditation International and NCPSA. International accreditation allows ArchwayOnline to educate international students in their national language. Once accreditation is completed with Accreditation International and NCPSA (which we expect to be early Fall), we will be able to add Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS) accreditation. 


Diploma Eligibility

ArchwayOnline offers diplomas for those students who graduate from our private school. Students must complete graduation requirements through our program.  ArchwayOnline is fully functional and can issue accredited diplomas while in candidate status. We have you covered for accreditation and compulsory attendance. Thank you for choosing ArchwayOnline.