Students age 18 and over may enroll themselves into Archway Online (AO) or they can be included on a family account set up by a parent that may have younger siblings enrolled. Any adult age student that may be listed on a family account with a parent will need to fill out an authorized access form giving AO staff permission to speak with the parent(s) or to allow them access to the student’s education information. AO will need a copy of any official transcripts in order to determine courses needed to graduate. Once a course plan is determined a student may begin courses at any time. The student can complete courses as quickly as he/she is able. Each full credit course is split into part A and B (.5 credit each) with each part being scheduled for 8 weeks. Motivated students may be able to complete a course in less time. 

Students who completed courses through homeschooling and do not have official transcripts can test out of core courses to validate and transfer any credits earned prior to enrollment. Additionally, electives such as work experience and other life experiences can be approved for credit with the proper documentation.