Earning Elective Credits outside of ArchwayOnline 

We encourage learning outside of our online platform. There will be electives that your student will need to earn to meet graduation requirements or to be included on your AO official transcript. Including these earned elective credits is easy. NOTE: 75 hours equals .5 credit, 150 hours equals 1 credit. Follow these steps. 

    STEP ONE: Speak to your AO Counselor about elective courses that you would like to include in your education plan.

    STEP TWO: Keep a summary of course content, scope and sequence, curriculum used, teacher, etc.

    STEP THREE: Keep an activity and/or attendance log of time spent on the course or in class per week and total for the elective.

    STEP FOUR: Keep or provide proof of learning. Signatures of instructors, short research paper, assessment, examples, photos, etc.

    STEP FIVE: Complete the Elective Verification form (request below) once course is completed to earn elective credit.