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by Jul 2, 2020

Enroll Now

Click here to be redirected to our online application. You will have 3 days to cancel your application and receive a refund. This will give you time to speak with your AO Counselor and determine the best fit for your student. Thank you for choosing AO! 

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Steps to Enroll

1. Complete the Application

Be sure to have your student’s birth certificate, immunization records, and a copy of the transcript (if available) in order to upload and expedite your enrollment. Once your payment and application is received, our AO Team will request records from your previous school and send your Confirmation of Enrollment.

2. Meet with your Counselor and Mentor.

Your AO Counselor will work with you to determine your student’s courses and get you started. Once your student has been entered in the system, your AO Mentor will reach out to your student for orientation. 

3. Get logged in and start your courses! It's that easy!

Once that you have spoken with your AO Mentor, you will be sent your login credentials. Your student will be guided through the first day of courses to be sure that they get a good start and are familiar with the system. Your AO Mentor will stay in touch with your student to help keep them on task and to encourage them. Their AO Teachers will also be in communication with them as needed. They are able to reach out to their AO Mentors and Teachers anytime.