AO International has all the same premium features with additional support for your English Language Learner (ELL).  The AO International Path offers support for those students needing additional course support while learning English. Students who can read, write, and speak English well may not need this additional support and will be fine with the traditional Archway Path. With a personalized learning plan and an award-winning online learning platform and model, students receive the support they need through our qualified teachers, mentors, and counselors so that they are inspired and equipped to reach their goals.

  • Fully, Accredited* Program
  • Open Enrollment Year Round
  • Personalized, Goal-based Education Plan 
  • Parent and Home Education Support 
  • Self-paced and Flexible Schedule
  • 1:1 Academic Support and Encouragement from Mentors
  • Academic Tutoring from Qualified Teachers 
  • Easy Access to Teachers, Mentors, and Counselors

Two (2) Hours of 1:1 Instructional Support on ELL Courses

ELL Placement Assessment and Interpretation

Monitoring and Coordination of Coursework for ELL

Apostille Services for Year End Transcript and/or Diploma

*Applicant status seeking accreditation through Accreditation International and NCPSA. AO expects to be in Candidacy Status before the school year begins.