AO Graduation Requirements


The information on this page constitutes the minimum requirements for an ArchwayOnline (AO) Diploma. It is the parent’s responsibility to work with their AO Counselor their student build a plan of study that fits the student’s goals. Below is information to help you get started and AO counselors are available to help answer any questions you may have.

Although AO’s requirements are in line with the State of TN’s public school requirements, there are some important differences, esp. in the areas of math and science. Please note that when you register with AO, you do not have to fulfill TN State public school requirements, but only those of AO. If you do not live in TN, you will be responsible for ensuring your student completes any additional coursework needed to satisfy your state guidelines.

Students must meet the following criteria prior to being issued a diploma from AO:

   Satisfy all payment requirements including Senior Fees.

   Satisfy all credit requirements (see chart below).

   Complete an ArchwayOnline Senior Exit Survey.


AO Graduation Requirements


English | 4 Credits

Math | 4 Credits

Natural Sciences | 3 Credits

U.S. History | 1 Credit

Social Studies | 2 Credits

Personal Finance | 0.5 Credit

Physical Education | 1 Credit

Health/Wellness | 0.5 Credit

Electives | 6 Credits



Total | 22 Credits