The following information constitutes the minimum requirements for an ArchwayOnline (AO) Diploma. It is the parent’s responsibility to work with an AO Counselor and the student to build a plan of study that fits the student’s goals. 

AO’s requirements are in line with the State of TN’s requirements for earning a diploma. If a family  does not reside in TN, that family is responsible for ensuring a student completes any additional coursework needed to satisfy individual state guidelines or college admissions requirements. 

Students must meet the following criteria prior to being issued a diploma from AO: 

  • Satisfy all payment requirements including Senior Fees. 
  • Satisfy all credit requirements (see below). 
  • Incoming seniors must take a minimum of 4 (.5 credit) core courses (2 credits total) with AO and meet the minimum graduation requirements to receive an AO diploma
  • Tuition payments will cease the month following graduation once all requirements for graduation have been met:
    • Senior Fee received
    • Final Survey completed and returned
    • Elective Credits submitted for review
    • Transcript Review completed by Counselor


AO Graduation Requirements


English | 4 Credits

Math | 4 Credits

Natural Sciences | 3 Credits

U.S. History | 1 Credit

Social Studies | 2 Credits

Personal Finance | 0.5 Credit

Physical Education | 1 Credit

Health/Wellness | 0.5 Credit

Electives | 6 Credits



Total | 22 Credits