ArchwayOnline is an ONLINE school; however, we realize that students enrolling in a program like AO also means that they are most likely schooling @home. 

Parents who have students @home. schooling, need some additional support. It’s an important connection to make. Students who are supported and motivated by awesome mentors and teachers; and parents who are supported by experienced homeschool and academic counselors will be more successful.

Parents who have homeschooling support and can understand their responsibilities and how they can best help their student @home will be more confident on this journey. ArchwayOnline comes from a long history of homeschooling experience through HomeLife Academy.

If you want to learn more about homeschooling, have other students that are not enrolled with ArchwayOnline, but you are interested or already homeschooling them, if you want more information about homeschooling through high school or homeschooling special needs students…check out HomeLife Academy and all the resources that are free for you.