ArchwayOnline (AO) is a private institution. As such, AO is not bound by federal and state laws regarding educational rights to account access or records regarding individual students.  While parental rights are very important to ArchwayOnline, the account holder is acknowledged as the owner of the account and any documents and information held within that account. ArchwayOnline cannot and will not serve as a mediator between interested parties, that is the job of the court system.  Following is the official policy for non-account holders seeking records and/or information regarding students on an account:

  • AO will not release information such as account holder names, login information, username, and password. This information must be given by the account holder only.
  • AO will not release information regarding student names, ages, residences, and attendance to non-account holders without the prior written consent of the account holder.
  • Without prior written consent of the account holder, AO will not release these records, documents, and/or cumulative files to non-account holders without a specific court order or properly issued judicial subpoena directing AO to disclose these records to a non-account holder.
  • If a parent creates an account and lists the other parent as an account holder, records and information will be released to both account holders.  AO will not mediate situations in which account holders cannot come to an agreement regarding account ownership and access.  Ongoing account issues with either party may result in withdrawal from ArchwayOnline.
  • This policy applies to requests from attorneys on behalf of a non-account holder and government agencies such as DCS or Social Security when a signed release is not provided with the request.
  • ArchwayOnline requires documentation for guardianship or power of attorney situations (see below) so services and records can be provided to these parties.  It is the parent’s responsibility to provide documentation to AO if and when guardianship or power of attorney ends and is no longer valid for the account holder. In these cases, if the parent then takes back educational responsibility, a new account may need to be created for the new account holder.

Court orders regarding parenting plans (divorce, custody order, etc.) ordinarily will say that one parent or the other will make educational decisions, or they will share in making educational decisions, or a person with custody can make educational decisions.  This is an issue between the parents and/or guardians, and not between AO and the other party.  AO is happy to accommodate under these guidelines and in conjunction with the courts to resolve these sensitive issues.



Any accounts that are created where a student’s and/or account holder’s last names are different or only one parent is listed on the account, it is ArchwayOnline’s policy to confirm the relationship of the registering student to the account holder(s). Therefore, we request that the following be submitted via email to or faxed to 901-667-7950 within 14 days of enrollment.


  • Student(s) Birth Certificate
  • Order of Protection (if applicable)


Legal Guardian, Power of Attorney, Foster, Adoption

  • Student(s) Birth Certificate (if available)
  • Guardianship Papers
  • Adoption Papers
  • Order of Protection (if applicable)