I understand that I, as the parent and a homeschooler, am responsible for the success of my student. It is my responsibility to make sure my student is logging in and working on assignments, staying current and understanding the course content, and contacting my child’s mentor with any concerns or questions.


I have read and understand the parental obligations regarding tuition and fees. I understand that if I miss a monthly payment, my child will lose access to his or her classes. Additionally, if I miss payments and lose access for 30 days, my child will be withdrawn from ArchwayOnline and additional fees will be required to reactivate enrollment.


I have read and understand the ArchwayOnline policy regarding Academic Integrity, I know what plagiarism is, and I know what the consequences are for my student if he or she plagiarizes any assignment in any capacity,


I understand that communication with my child’s mentor and counselor is vital to my child’s success. I will respond to emails, texts, and calls in a timely manner. 


I understand it is my responsibility to contact ArchwayOnline if my student needs to drop a course or withdraw from the program.


I have read and understand the Code of Ethics for Parents and Students.


I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that my child is following the Attendance Requirements as listed for the state in which I reside (for TN residents, that is TCA § 49-6-3001) 


I have received and read a copy of the ArchwayOnline Parent/Student Handbook. I understand that I am responsible for awareness and knowledge of all policies, procedures, parent obligations, student obligations, and all additional information included in the ArchwayOnline Parent/Student Handbook.