Terms and Conditions



To ensure ArchwayOnline (AO) is the right school for your family, please read the following information concerning the policies and operations of AO.




AO reserves the right to deny enrollment if AO is not a good fit for your student or family.


AO will review the student’s records once they have been received from their previous school. You have one of two options before records are received: (1.) WAIT for your transcripts from your previous school to be sent to us and start your class when we send you notification we received them. We would tell you as soon as we hear from your previous school which courses you need. OR (2.) If you have all your other documents in (including an unofficial transcript or report card) and we are only waiting for your official transcript from the other school, you may start a class immediately, if you tell us what course you would like to take. Remember, it is your responsibility if you start a course you have already finished at one of your prior high schools.


AO has the right to determine which credits will count toward AO’s graduation requirements when transferring from another school.


It is my responsibility to notify AO and cancel classes and payment if withdrawing from the school. 


AO does not require annual standardized achievement testing and therefore does not offer annual standardized achievement testing.


I understand that I/we as the parent(s) are responsible for insuring that my student is on track for graduation.  I understand that an AO counselor will complete an annual transcript review to assist me and it is my responsibility to carefully read the annual review and make any necessary adjustments to my plan.


Students must complete the minimum graduation requirements in order to be awarded a diploma from ArchwayOnline.


I understand that my student may and is encouraged to take elective classes outside of the Archway Online program. I understand that when taking an elective course, an Elective Credit Acceptance Form must be filled out and submitted to AO in order to receive credit.


I understand that I/we as the parent(s) are responsible for the child’s education and need to be aware of productivity and grades and be available for communication with your AO Counselor and your student’s teachers and mentors. 


Families must keep ALL information in their account up to date (especially email address) and read all emails from us in order to keep current with important information.


Families should request all documents by using Request Manager located in their myAO account.  Click on myAO at the top right of our homepage to access your account.


I understand that there are NO REFUNDS once classes begin. The 3 Day Cancellation allows 100% refund if cancelled within 3 days. This is in place in case a family changes their mind before classes begin. Once classes begin your student can complete the course and then cancel before the next payment is due.