ArchwayOnline is a year-round (12 month) school. The financial agreement is binding after the 3 day cancellation period or once courses begin.

Tuition cost will be published each year and may vary depending on status of the student: Domestic, International, and Homelife Academy referral

ArchwayOnline is not a subscription-based school. Tuition is due each month a student is enrolled.

A credit or debit card will be kept on file, and tuition will be processed automatically each month.

There are NO REFUNDS once a course begins. A 3 Day Cancellation Policy allows for a 100% refund within 3 days of course enrollment, if the course has not yet begun.

If a monthly payment is missed, the student will lose access to his or her classes. If payments are missed and class access is lost for 30 days, the student will be withdrawn from ArchwayOnline, any tuition discounts will be lost, and additional fees will be required to reactivate enrollment. Payment of back tuition and late fees will also be required.

Tuition will be canceled the month following Official Notification of Withdrawal or completion of Graduation Requirements.

Mentors are available to offer support and encouragement to students and families.

Mentors will use text messaging, phone calls, Zoom, and emails to communicate with students.

Parents are expected to:

Keep all account information current and to maintain an active email address. AO will communicate important information via email, and parents are expected to read these emails.

Communicate with AO counseling with any concerns or questions.

Communicate with AO if a situation arises where a student will be out for an extended period of time or if an emergency situation arises that could affect the students course progress.

Log in to the Parent Portal on a regular basis to review student’s progress

Parents should ensure the student has the appropriate computer, internet access, and technological skills needed for online learning success.

Each course is entirely online. There are no text books or printed materials.

Parents are responsible for ensuring that a student is meeting attendance requirements for the state in which the student resides. For attendance requirements for the state of Tennessee, visit: TCA § 49-6-3001

If a student is not meeting attendance requirements, the student’s account will be moved to Pending Withdrawal Status. Courses will be disabled until the parent and student meet with an AO Counselor to determine next steps. If a specific Target Date of Completion is established by an AO counselor, and the student does not meet this date, the student may be withdrawn from AO.

Parents are expected to review student progress and attendance reports weekly and encourage student engagement.
Parents are encouraged to monitor student progress. Students ideally should complete 50% of a course by the mid-point of the course schedule. Clearly communicated expectations will help ensure student achievement.