$75 Application Fee

ArchwayOnline is a year-round (12 month) school. The financial agreement is binding after the 3 day cancellation period or once courses begin.

Tuition cost will be published each year and may vary depending on status of the student: Domestic, International, and Homelife Academy referral

ArchwayOnline is not a subscription-based school. Tuition is due each month a student is enrolled.

A credit or debit card will be kept on file, and tuition will be processed automatically each month.

There are NO REFUNDS once a course begins. A 3 Day Cancellation Policy allows for a 100% refund within 3 days of course enrollment, if the course has not yet begun.

If a monthly payment is missed, the family will have 5 business days to complete payment. Payments delinquent by more than 5 business days will lose access to student courses. Students who are more than 15 days delinquent in tuition payment may be withdrawn from the program.

Tuition payments will be canceled the month following Official Notification of Withdrawal or completion of Graduation Requirements.

Non-refundable Application Fee $75
Apostilles ( per 4 pages plus shipping) $75
Declined Payment/ Late Fee $25
Re-activation Fee $25
Special Processing Fee requiring additional work and staffing $25
NSF/Returned Check Fee $25
RUSH Fees – Expedited 3-day Processing $15
Teacher IDs/ Student IDs (physical, non-digital) $5
Duplicate/Replacement Forms and IDs $5
Monthly Invoice Fee 5% of tuition/mo–for use by International Families whose bank will not allow international recurring transactions
Shipping Fees – Certain special documents require additional shipping fees. Also, if expedited shipping is requested, or shipping through other carriers like FedEx or UPS, those shipping fees will need to be paid to AO.

This includes: ArchwayOnline diploma, diploma cover, one official transcript (unsealed), one official transcript (sealed), recommendation letters, and requests for transcripts made up to one year after date of graduation (there is a $5 charge for each transcript requested after that time frame).

Additional Services for AO Students


  • AP Courses $425 per half credit course
  • Honors Courses $375 per half credit course
  • Foreign Language Courses (other than Spanish) $425 per half credit course
Additional Services for Non-AO Students

Students that are not enrolled with ArchwayOnline full-time may take courses or receive services. All courses must be completed within eight (8) weeks.


  • Standard Courses $350 per half credit course.
  • AP Courses – $425 per half credit course.
  • Honors Courses – $375 per half credit course.
  • Foreign Language (other than Spanish) – $375 per half credit course.
  • Tutoring via phone or virtual classroom $40 per hour.
  • Remediation assessment for Reading and Math – $75
  • SLD or Giftedness determination and online assessment, interpretation, and psychoeducational reports – $650
  • Contact us for additional ESS or ELL services or visit out SpEd and Global pages.
Accreditation Services

ArchwayOnline is unique in that it is an accredited online school that understands the needs of homeschoolers. There are situations that require a student to obtain an accredited diploma. International students may be required to obtain an accredited diploma; also, a place of employment or a private post-secondary institution may require it. Archway Online has options for those credits that may need verification for accreditation.

Students needing homeschool or other non-accredited CORE courses verified may do so by “testing” to show proof of learning through a proctored end-of-course (EOC) exam through ArchwayOnline.

Elective courses can be verified by submitting an Elective Credit Acceptance (ECA) form to ArchwayOnline. AO will verify up to 2 courses per school year FREE.


  • Elective Verification = $75 per credit
  • Single Course Verification = $225
  • Annual Transcript Verification = $995
  • Accredited Diploma Validation  = $2995


Annual Transcript Validation allows a student to take non-accredited courses each year followed by a proctored EOC/EOY exam for each CORE course as well as submit ECA forms for electives to verify proof of learning. Max 5 credits.

Accredited Diploma Validation allows a student, who has completed all coursework needed to meet the high school graduation requirements for ArchwayOnline, to take proctored EOC exams for each CORE credit and submit ECA forms for electives to earn a fully accredited high school diploma from ArchwayOnline.