Archway Online (AO) offers open enrollment year round. High School students are enrolled in one course at a time, on a timeline that moves them toward graduation in .5 credit increments. This creates a flexible schedule that allows time for extra curricular activities, volunteer work, internships, and involvement in clubs and other activities. Involvement in these activities may qualify for high school elective credit. 

AO will need a copy of any official transcripts to determine which courses will be needed to complete graduation requirements. For students who completed high school credits through homeschooling, an exam may be taken to validate and transfer any core course credits. To have electives reviewed for credit approval, complete the Elective Credit Acceptance Form. 




Anytime a student is registering to take the ACT, SAT, CLT or PSAT, ArchwayOnline should be listed as the student’s school.

CEEB Code (430-066)

Archway Online is located in Jackson, TN.

Students typically take these exams during the student’s 11th grade year. Students may take the exams again to improve scores.

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Dual Enrollment


10Dual Enrollment Grant Program 

is funded by the Tennessee Lottery and administered by the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation.

This program provides opportunities for students to begin working toward a college degree, while still pursuing a high school diploma, and encourages post-secondary education and the acceleration of post-secondary attainment.

Email with any questions.

High School students in 11th and 12th grades may be dual-enrolled at a local college/university at the same time as being enrolled with AO.  If a student passes a college course the student will receive both college credit and high school credit for the course. AO will accept dual enrollment courses from any accredited college or university. 

Important: Please be sure the student is ready for college-level courses. DE courses will appear on both the ArchwayOnline transcript and the college transcript. If the student fails a course, an F will be on the transcript. AO will need an official transcript from the college for grade reporting purposes.

The student must be enrolled in an accredited college taking either online or on-campus courses for the course to be considered Dual Enrollment (DE).

The student will receive college credit, as well as high school credit for each DE course.

Each 3 and 4 credit college course is equal to 1 high school credit.

Each 1 and 2 credit college course is equal to .5 high school credit.

AO does not limit how many DE courses a student can take. This is up to the discretion of the parents and the student based on the student’s goals. However, the student must meet the qualifications as set by the college.


High School Credits

Earning High School Credit during Middle School 

Students in middle school who are ready for high school level courses can begin earning high school credits. Only core courses and those high school electives taken through ArchawayOnline qualify for early high school credit. AO will review transfering credits from accredited schools for approval. 

1 Credit Courses

  • These are full year courses (such as Algebra 1, English, Biology, Chemistry).
  • Each course is worth 1 credit upon completion of Part A and B.
  • Elective credits equal approximately 150 hours of study. Electives are courses like Music, PE, and other courses that do not use a standardized textbook determining course content.
  • A one year course will be split between parts A and B and will be given .5 credit for each part totaling 1 credit upon completion of A and B. 

Half Credit Courses

  • These are one-semester courses (such as Health and Personal Finance).
  • A one-semester course would be given .5 credits upon completion of the course.
TN Scholarship Information

Refer to for helpful information and resources for TN students.

IMPORTANT: Students must be registered with ArchwayOnline by August 1 of their senior year in order to be eligible for TN Hope and TN Promise for the fall term following graduation.



 10TN HOPE Scholarship Requirements

Be enrolled as a homeschool student in a homeschool program for a minimum of one (1) year prior to graduating. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Students graduating from ArchwayOnline must have the final transcript reviewed by the college or university before HOPE eligibility is established. This is to ensure the student was enrolled for at least one year immediately preceding the graduation date; pursuant to TCA 49-4-905 (25).

The student must achieve a 21 composite score or above on a national test date for the ACT test or a minimum of 1060 SAT (exclusive of the essay and optional subject area battery tests) on a national test date for the SAT test for HOPE Scholarship consideration.

The student does not need to submit a grade point average as this is not a consideration.

General Assembly Merit Scholarship  – NOTE: CLEP exams and all DE courses must complete and be on the student’s high school transcript BEFORE graduation to qualify.



11TN Scholars 

ArchwayOnline participates in the TN Scholars program and sends a Certificate and Medallion to qualified students in the spring of their senior year.

Many colleges in TN give scholarships to TN Scholars. The student can put this in his or her portfolio and may qualify for many scholarships just by being a TN Scholar.

Please send the completed TN Scholars Checklist, Volunteer form, Application and Agreement form by email to or by fax to 901-384-0731 by the end of February of the student’s senior year. NOTE: Students do not need to have final grades in senior courses in order to qualify.

TN Scholars Requirements

TN Scholars Benefits to Seniors

Email with any questions.



9TN Promise

TN Promise Important Deadlines (these are mandatory deadlines during the student’s senior year)


  • August – Apply for Tennessee Promise scholarship. (Deadline November 1)
  • By March 1 – Attend first mandatory meeting coordinated by partnering organization.Partnering organizations may conduct meetings much sooner.
  • By May 31 – Attend second mandatory meeting coordinated by partnering organization.
  • In the spring – Apply to and register for classes at an eligible institution (partnering organizations may recommend applying by February 15).
  • Before Start of Term – Complete 8 hours of community service by the first day of class (partnering organizations may have earlier deadlines to complete the community service).


TN Promise Eligibility and Requirements 

Student TN Promise Checklist

Be a TN resident.

Graduate from an eligible high school, complete a Tennessee homeschool program, OR, prior to reaching 19 years of age, obtain a GED or HiSET diploma.

Enter the student’s home address to be contacted by the correct partnering organization. 

Enroll in an eligible college or program and attend full-time in the fall after graduation (students attending a TCAT may enroll the summer following their high school graduation)

Complete the Tennessee Promise application.

When applying for TN Promise – select homeschool as school type and then Select ArchwayOnline as the school (school code (430066).

Meet all deadlines and requirements before enrolling.

Steps to Graduation
  • Archway Online does not automatically graduate a senior upon completion of graduation requirements.
  • Parents must request the diploma when the student is ready to graduate. This can be done whenever coursework is complete and final grades have been recorded.
  • Some students may want or need to do a 5th-year (see important information below).
  • Students must meet the minimum graduation requirements in order to receive a diploma from AO.
  • The $100 Senior Fee should be paid prior to requesting the diploma.
  • Request a student’s diploma BEFORE requesting the final transcript.
  • If a student is college bound, a final transcript must be requested to be sent to the college AFTER requesting the diploma. This way a student’s transcript will show the official graduation date.
  • Note concerning the Graduation date – The date entered when requesting the diploma will be considered a student’s “official” graduation date.  This date will be put on the diploma and transcript. Consider this date when applying for colleges and scholarships.

Submit all elective credit forms as soon as elective courses are completed. Students finishing up courses during the summer term read here for important information.

AO will not make changes once a student is graduated and/or official transcripts have been sent to schools and colleges.

It may take several weeks for AO to process a student’s final transcripts during peak graduation season. A $15 rush fee may be paid to expedite the process.

For those students who are taking the ACT or SAT, please make sure ArchwayOnline has test scores on file.


Follow these steps to request your diploma:

Login to AO and click on Request Manager. Select Diploma. 

Enter the student’s name in the comment box. Enter a separate diploma request for each student if more than one student is graduating.


Enter the graduation date from the calendar.


Counselors will verify graduation requirements and check that all fees have been paid.


Outgoing Records Team will print the diploma and mail to the student’s home, along with the final transcript.